Rejection of Drug Policy Reforms in 2004-2005

(Rejection of Drug Policy Reforms in 2004-2005) "In the 2004-05 parliamentary year, members of the Opposition tabled a motion for legalisation of cannabis. A large majority voted against the bill at the 1st reading of it. The bill did not reach the 2nd reading, nor did it reach a final vote. Another bill tabled during the parliamentary year of 2004-2005 was the introduction of drug injection rooms. That bill was rejected by a parliamentary majority at the 2nd reading.

Heroin Assisted Treatment

(Heroin Assisted Treatment) "Treatment with prescription heroin was launched in Denmark in 2010. The rules on the prescription of and treatment with heroin are laid down in the National Board of Health's guidelines from January 2010 together with associated legal framework and executive orders.

Effectiveness of Buprenorphine Treatment

(Effectiveness of Buprenorphine Treatment) The Danish National Board of Health reported in 2000 that "The Buprenorphine project was initiated in the City of Copenhagen during the autumn of 1998 and was evaluated this year. In conclusion the report points out that this type of substitution therapy is suitable for clients who have not previously been subjected to methadone treatment and which are resourceful.