Receipt of Services among Adults in the US with Co-Occurring Mental Illness and a Substance Use Disorder

"An estimated 8.2 million adults aged 18 or older in 2016 had co‑occurring AMI [Any Mental Illness] and an SUD [Substance Use Disorder] in the past year, corresponding to 3.4 percent of all adults. In addition, about 2.6 million adults had SMI and an SUD in the past year, representing 1.1 percent of all adults.1

Mental Health Treatment Admissions, Discharges, and Client Outcomes

"In the 2015 reporting period, six states and jurisdictions (Connecticut [adults only], the District of Columbia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Puerto Rico) reported a total of 417,443 admissions to MH-TEDS [Mental Health Treatment Episode Data Set]. [Table 7.1]:

"• Of admissions who began treatment prior to the 2015 reporting period, 69 percent of admissions received treatment in community programs, 57 percent in residential treatment centers, 43 percent in state psychiatric hospitals, and 31 percent in institutions under the justice system [Table 7.1].

People Receiving Mental Health Services in the United States

"For the 2012 reporting period, 32 states and jurisdictions reported that a total of 3,126,234 individuals had received mental health services; for the 2015 reporting period, 45 states and jurisdictions reported that a total of 5,235,883 individuals had received mental health services [Table 1.1].

"• More than 50 percent of the total individuals served were female in every reporting period between 2012 and 2015 [Table 1.2a].

Admissions to Treatment in the US with Marijuana as Primary Substance, by Referral Source

"• Marijuana/hashish was reported as the primary substance of abuse by 14 percent of TEDS admissions aged 12 and older in 2015 [Table 1.1b].

"• The average age at admission for primary marijuana/hashish admissions was 26 years [Table 2.1b]. Thirty-one percent of marijuana/hashish admissions were under age 20 (vs. 7 percent of all admissions combined), and primary marijuana/hashish abuse accounted for 78 percent of admissions aged 12 to 14 and 75 percent of admissions aged 15 to 17 years [Table 2.1c].

Prevalence of Illegal Drug Use in the US Among People Aged 12 or Older

"• Among people aged 12 or older, the percentage who were past year marijuana users increased from 11.0 percent (or 25.8 million people) in 2002 to 17.5 percent (or 48.2 million people) in 2019. Over this same period, the percentage who were past year cocaine users decreased
from 2.5 percent (or 5.9 million people) to 2.0 percent (or 5.5 million people).

Estimated Unmet Treatment Need in the US, 2010-2013

"• In 2013, among the 20.2 million persons aged 12 or older who were classified as needing substance use treatment but not receiving treatment at a specialty facility in the past year, 908,000 persons (4.5 percent) reported that they perceived a need for treatment for their illicit drug or alcohol use problem (Figure 7.10). Of these 908,000 persons who felt they needed treatment but did not receive treatment in 2013, 316,000 (34.8 percent) reported that they made an effort to get treatment, and 592,000 (65.2 percent) reported making no effort to get treatment.