National Drug Control Strategy

"A five-year strategy covering the years 2011 to 2015 was adopted by the Swedish Parliament in March 2011 (Ministry of Health and Social Affairs Sweden, 2011).
"The strategy’s main objective is a society free from narcotics and doping and decreased medical and social harm from alcohol as well as a decrease in the use of tobacco. The 2011-2015 strategy also states that the overall goals from previous national action plans continue to apply.
"As described in the preface to the summarised version of Government Bill 2010/11:47 (Ministry of Health and Social Affairs Sweden, 2011), the strategy aims to facilitate state management of public support in the ANDT sphere. The strategy establishes the goals, priorities and direction of public measures for the period 2011–2015. It covers a range of areas: local preventive actions, measures designed to limit supply, the fight against drugs, care and treatment, alcohol and tobacco supervision, and EU and international efforts. Further, the strategy aims to facilitate a long-term perspective and better coordination and cooperation between agencies and other actors and to emphasise the responsibility of all actors involved. With the strategy, the Government stresses that cooperation between the spheres of health promotion, disease prevention, crime fighting, treatment and rehabilitation should be intensified."


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