Limited Resources Available for Harm Reduction in Ukraine

"In some places in the region, governments struggling with negative health consequences are introducing harm reduction services with international support and under pressure from civil society and international donors. For example in Ukraine, the country with the highest adult HIV prevalence in all of Europe, total annual HIV/AIDS spending has increased over the past few years, totaling for example $30 million in 2011 compared with $23 million in 200969. Yet HIV prevention programming among vulnerable populations comprised less than 1% of all HIV/AIDS expenses in 2010–2011 even as HIV among people who use drugs continued to increase70, which underscores the fact that most harm reduction interventions are dependent on international financial support."


Merkinaite, S. "A war against people who use drugs: the costs" (Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN): Vilnius, Lithuania, 2012), p. 23.