Drugged Driving - Policy - 01-05-13

(State Rules on License Suspension or Revocation for Failing Alcohol Test) "Forty-two States either administratively suspend or revoke the driver’s license of an offender who fails an alcohol test. State provisions for administrative license actions vary in terms of revocation and suspension periods, as well as whether a driving permit or a restricted license is available immediately ('soft' suspension or revocation period) or after a specified period of time ('hard' suspension or revocation period). Eight States (Kentucky, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Tennessee) do not have any administrative license actions for failing an alcohol test. In South Carolina, an administrative license action provision is not applicable to offenders with BACs < .15."


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(State-by-state "Provisions For Failing a BAC Test & Administrative Sanctions & DWI Fines" table, Appendix B, p. 61.)