Proportion of Reported Criminal Offenses Cleared by Arrest or Exception Means in the US, 2015

"• In the nation in 2015, 46.0 percent of violent crimes and 19.4 percent of property crimes were cleared by arrest or exceptional means.
"• When considering clearances of violent crimes, 61.5 percent of murder offenses,54.0 percent of aggravated assault offenses, 37.8 percent of rape offenses (revised definition), 36.2 percent of rape offenses (legacy definition), and 29.3 percent of robbery offenses were cleared. (Please note, the legacy and revised UCR definitions for rape can be accessed in Offense Definitions.)
"• Among property crimes, 21.9 percent of larceny-theft offenses, 13.1 percent of motor vehicle theft offenses, and 12.9 percent of burglary offenses were cleared.
"• In 2015, 20.4 percent of arson offenses were cleared by arrest or exceptional means.
"• Nearly 25 percent (24.9) of arson offenses cleared involved juveniles (persons under age 18)—the highest percentage of all offense clearances involving only juveniles.
"• More than 14 percent (14.6) of rape offenses (revised definition) that were cleared involved juveniles."


"Crime in the United States 2015 - Offenses Cleared," FBI Uniform Crime Report (Washington, DC: US Dept. of Justice, September 2016), pp. 2-3.