Global Opium Production and Seizure Trends

"Of the 6,380 tons of opium produced worldwide in 2016, it is estimated that some 2,100 tons remained unprocessed for consumption as opium, while the rest was processed into heroin, resulting in an estimate of some 448 tons of heroin manufactured worldwide (expressed at export purity).
"After a long-term upward trend since the beginning of the new millennium, global quantities of opiates seized, expressed in heroin equivalents, have been declining since 2011. That decline was exclusively the result of morphine seizures falling from a peak in 2011, when large amounts of morphine were seized in Afghanistan. Otherwise, seizures of both opium and heroin have remained quite stable at the global level in recent years, in line with a fluctuating, although overall stable, level of opium production."


United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, World Drug Report 2017 (ISBN: 978-92-1-148291-1, eISBN: 978-92-1-060623-3, United Nations publication, Sales No. E.17.XI.6), pp. 14-15.