Common Sense For Drug Policy
Dan Bigg Director of Harm Reduction
Chicago Recovery Alliance
ExpertiseCommunity Impact Of Drugs/Prohibition; Harm Reduction; HIV/AIDS/STDs; Needle Exchange; Treatment;

Dan Bigg is one of the founders and currently the Director of the Chicago Recovery Alliance, an agency founded in 1991. CRA operates 20 harm reduction outreach sites with syringe exchange throughout the city of Chicago and its suburbs. Each week, CRA serves over 600 injecting drug users and 300 non-injecting drug users. It exchanges over 35,000 syringes per week and helps dozens of people obtain addiction treatment, healthcare or other services they desire. The philosophy of CRA is to assist any positive change as a person describes it for him/herself. CRA's outreach has enabled people injecting to reduce their syringe use from an average of 9.14 shots per syringe to 1.41 shots. Prior to outreach only 6% of injectors were one-shot sterile syringe injectors, but since then 79% of injectors use a new syringe for each shot (1995 data). Among the other programs CRA has developed or is developing is an opiate overdose prevention and intervention training, a harm reduction approach to addiction treatment called Substance Use Management, and a pictorial guide to better vein care and safer injection. These materials can be seen at

Contact Address: P.O. Box 368069 Chicago, IL 60636-8069
Phone: (773) 471-1240